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1) Promote the competitiveness and sustainability of the sectors associated with emerging Wild Resources;

2) Contribute to the continuity of the partnership created under the EEC PROVERE “Valorização dos Recursos Silvestres do Mediterrâneo” (Valorisation of Mediterranean Wild Resources) and the continuity of other processes related to those resources which involve the various stakeholders associated with the subject of this Centre;


3) Enhance the integrated coordination between production/agribusiness/applied research, in an efficient and lasting way;

VG - Lírio do Campo.jpg

4) Establish a Reference Centre for Wild Resources in Portugal that fits into European networks of similar centres;


​​5) Continue the applied research projects initiated for these sectors and start new ones, which are necessary both to solve the current constraints of the sectors and to introduce innovation in production, transformation and organization and thus increase their competitiveness;


6) Promote Thematic Operational Groups for these sectors;


7) Disseminate and transfer technology and knowledge to the various stakeholders, through training, dissemination and initiatives mean to divulge knowledge and inform;


8) Increase the internationalization of these sectors, ensuring the growth of exports;


9) Develop joint business strategies that ensure the sustainability of these sectors, including studies and prospection of national and international markets.

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